Equine Insurance

Whether you own, board, or train equine you want to make sure you are properly covered in the event your horse or a horse under your care, custody, and control is put into a situation where there would be the posiblity of injury or liability.

An example of an equine liability exposure would be when or if your horse gets loose and wanders onto the roadway causing an accident. Or, when a horse kicks or reacts unpredictably and injures someone.

If your horse farm or ranch is open to the general public, or you care for animals other than your own, you should definitely consider liability protection.

Equine insurance policies may include:

  • Boarding
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Independent Lesson Instruction Coverage
  • Care, Custody, and Control
  • Hay Coverage
  • Farm Equipment Coverage
  • Outbuilding Coverage
  • Loss of use (mortality/medical)
  • Liability

Your equine is covered for death resulting from loading and unloading accidents, fire, animal attacks, falling, lightening, and accidental gun shots.

We also cover horse clinics, shows and other equine related events.

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